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What have we been up to?

The PPI group at STAMINA have been a tremendous help to the project and have worked closely with us throughout the Programme. From Tom who has been with us since the start as a co-applicant on the project grant, to John and Ian, who's faces you will see a lot of during the Programme as they kindly agreed to join one of our researchers to Nuffield health for a photo shoot. We meet roughly every four months and during that time the members of our group have read and offered constructive advise to improve many of our patient facing materials including the handbook which participants receive telling them about nutrition and exercise for people on androgen deprivation therapy.

Most recently our PPI group visited Nuffield Health for a tour of the facilities and to learn more about the exercise intervention. This was an exciting opportunity to get their insight into how the project has been designed and for them to see what all of their hard work has led to.

Our STAMINA PPI group is open to anyone who has been on or or is currently on androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer or their close family or carers.  

The PPI group contributions timeline








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