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COVID-19 Update

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to pause our feasibility study where we were testing out the STAMINA lifestyle intervention. Fortunately, we recruited enough participants before this point to ascertain the feasibility of the intervention and inform the final refinements of the study protocol. The findings have been published in the journal Scientific Reports and can be accessed via this link:

Following the first national lockdown there was substantial uncertainty about how the pandemic would play out and whether the STAMINA lifestyle intervention could be delivered in gyms as planned. We sought to explore what potential options there were to deliver the STAMINA lifestyle intervention remotely. Despite a thorough review of the published research in this area ( we found that little work had been done that could inform how we might best deliver our intervention remotely. We went back to the drawing board and with the help of our fantastic PPI group designed a remote version of the STAMINA lifestyle intervention. As an additional study, we managed to recruit a further 7 men on ADT to test out this intervention over a 12 week period - all supported by some fantastic Clinical Exercise Specialists from Nuffield Health. The study was a success and we were confident that this version of the intervention could be delivered to men on ADT in future. 

Earlier this year, in preparation for our main trial, the decision was made to retain the remote version of the intervention as a contingency plan in case the intervention could not be delivered in person. Our PPI group were strongly in favour of this. Since then we have finalised and submitted our protocol for the main STAMINA trial which has now received ethical approval.


The next few months will be dedicated to recruiting and setting up NHS sites to take part in the trial before we begin recruitment of participants at last!


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